" The newlyweds can't come to the phone right now, please leave us a message " 

Remember your event through the voices of your loved ones.

An audio guestbook is the modern approach to a wedding guestbook and the perfect add on for those that want to capture the voices of family and friends, and have it to cherish forever. Written words only go so far when it comes to the messages people leave you on your special day. With our audio guestbook, you'll be able to hear the emotion in their voices and it's a great entertainment piece for your guests!

Parents will leave heartfelt messages, guests can leave marriage advice, and drunken groomsmen can leave messages they will most likely regret the day after!

Starting at $399

Step 1

You pre-record an automated message that your guests will hear when they pick up the phone.

Step 2

Once your guests pick up the phone, your automated message will play followed by the beep. After the beep, your guests can leave their message, well wishes, rap, tell a story, talk about how much fun they're having at your wedding, etc.

Step 3

After your guests have finished recording their message, they simply return the phone back to its base. The recording is then safety stored and the phone is ready for the next recording! Guests can revisit the guestbook throughout the night, there is no limit to the amount of messages recorded.

Step 4

After your event, we will retrieve all of the recordings from the phone and send over a customized gallery with all your messages to listen to, enjoy and cherish forever!


On 3 is now offering open air photo booths. Our photobooth is stand alone, and requires virtually no space! Guests are able to take their photo by seeing themselves on our LED lit touch screen, and then head to the back side of the booth to send their photo to themselves and pick up their print! We offer both digital only options, as well as unlimited print options so your guests can visit the photo booth over and over again, and have a keepsake to take home from your event!

We also offer the ever so popular B&W Glam Filter made famous by several celebrities, without the add on fee!

Pricing & Packages

Starter - Digital Only

Starter - Digital Only

3hr Booth Rental
4 x 6 Digital Photo Only
Online Gallery Of High Res Digital Images
On Site Attendant
Instantly Share Via Text, Email or Barcode Scan
Choice Of Backdrop
Colour or B&W Image
Skin Smoothing Filter
Custom Layout/Template
GIFS (add on)


Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet

2hr Booth Rental (Up to 250 Guests)
Unlimited 4x6 or 2x6 Prints
Online Gallery Of High Res Digital Images
On Site Booth Attendant
Instantly Share Barcode Scan
Choice Of Backdrop
Colour or B&W Images
Skin Smoothing Filter
Custom Layout/Template


Luxe - Large Events

Luxe - Large Events

3hr Booth Rental (Up to 250 Guests)
Unlimited 4x6 Prints
Online Gallery Of High Res Digital Images
On Site Attendant
Instantly Share Via Barcode Scan
Choice Of Backdrop
Colour or B&W Images
Skin Smoothing Filter
Custom Layout/Template


What is the glam feature?

The glam feature is what has been made popular by Hollywood Celebrities. This offers premium skin smoothing filters to your images to have them looking professionally retouched, instantly! This is optional if you would like it used on your images, and does not cost an additional fee!

What backdrops do you offer?

We have several different backdrops to choose from based on the style of your event! With B&W booths, we suggest sticking to a solid white or black backdrop. We also have sequins backdrops in black, gold, silver, white, rose gold, and navy blue. White and black marble is coming soon! Custom backdrops are also available for order at an additional fee.

Are the photos taken in professional quality?

Yes! Our booth uses a professional DSLR camera as well as professional strobe lighting to provide high res quality images. These images are not just the usual low quality photo taken at your friends wedding photo booth. These are images you could enlarge and frame in your home afterwards if you wanted!

How can guests receive their images?

If you booked both a print and digital package, guests will receive their prints immediately after their photo is taken. A digital copy will be also be automatically uploaded to your personal event online gallery, that guests can access via text, email or by scanning a barcode. The booth attendant can help them with this!

Is unlimited prints really unlimited?

We print out 1 print per person in the photo. If you will have a photo guestbook present, we will also print out 1 extra image to be added to your guestbook where guests can sign their names and leave you a message! There are no limits to the amount of times guests come back and visit the booth.

Does the booth only take photos?

The booth can take photos, as well as create GIFS and record video confessionals! Please let us know if you would like these options included in your package.

Can we add on additional hours?

Yes! Additional hours can be added on to any package at $125/hr. If you wanted to have us open during cocktail hour, and re-open again after dinner and speeches, each idle hour is $75/hr. Multiple hour discounts can be discussed with us!

What is your payment process?

We require a 50% deposit upon booking and the final 50% within 2 weeks of your event date. All prices are subject to HST.

What is the max amount of hours you offer/guests allowed?

The possibilities are endless! The packages above include up to 250 guests and 3hrs of coverage however if your event requires more coverage hours or will have more guests, contact us for a custom quote!


Please let us know if you are interested in reserving our audio guestbook, photo booth or both!

If you have any questions or want to reserve your date, get in contact with us and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

What package are you interested in? Are you looking for digital photos only or on site prints?